HELP! DP2M Drive Weirdness!

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Re: HELP! DP2M Drive Weirdness!

rattymouse wrote:

At base ISO, the DP2M absolutely annihilates the X100 in sharpness and resolution.  It's not even close.  Fuji wins on color, as to be expected.

Hi rattymouse,

I'm also considering getting a DP1M or DP2M as I've heard about the benefits of its sensor, but your comment about its sharpness and color really intrigues me.  Is there any way you can do a side by side comparison with your cameras of the same subject to demonstrate what you mean?  I have no doubt the Sigma is sharper than the Fuji based on what I've read, but I'm curious just how much sharper it is between the two.

Also, there seems to be some threads praising the color coming from the Foveon sensor, but you feel the Fuji color to be superior.  May I ask in what way?  Skin tones? Sky? Foliage? Would you be so kind as to provide an example?  It would really help me make up my mind as to whether I should go out on a limb and purchase the camera, especially considering all its other shortcomings.  Thanks!


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