OT: What are you going to do with the new Adobe changes to software access?

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I'm conflicted.

So, starting out with the basics - I don't own or use Photoshop.  I have no desire for it.  I do own a copy of Elements but after a recent reinstall, I haven't even bothered to put it back on my machine.  However there is a big Wilber icon in my /Applications.  Wilber is GIMP's mascot.  I used Linux for a very long time so I'm more at home with GIMP than PS anyway.

That said, every photo I own is in Lightroom.  And I know Lightroom will continue to be offered "sans cloud" at least for the short term.  I'm not sure LR5 is really an upgrade.  I do like Upright, but the rest of it doesn't seem like much of a bump over LR4.  And things like Adobe putting their "de-shake" filter in PS but not in LR irritates me.  Obviously it belongs in Lightroom but I guess they need to have some reason for folks to still buy PS.

I'm contemplating abandoning Lightroom and a return to Olympus Viewer and Nikon's ViewNX.  That'll give me RAW processing from the factory and nice shiny JPEGS I can run through an image viewer and push up to flickr, Google+, wherever   If I'm going this route, that heads back eventually to Linux and virtualizing Windows to run the RAW processors.  Some of this depends on the course Apple takes; I'm tired of the way they're going in software as well.

The other option would be to stay with Lightroom.  I'd still probably use Olympus Viewer as the front end for the Olympus (I love those colors and well, my E-PM2 was ordered about 10 minutes ago so I'm excited for that!).

So despite being a LR user, jalywol I'm pretty much in the same boat.  I have a hard time stomaching Adobe's actions here and I do have the technical knowledge to move away.

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