Potential good news and bad news re Aperture 4

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Re: Potential good news and bad news re Aperture 4

danieljcox wrote:

I'm confident we'e going to see a major, positive upgrade to Aperture for those of us needing powerful software for image editing, review and archiving. I'm hopeful Aperture X is as unique and forward thinking as the reinvented version of Final Cut Pro X. I've used the old version of Final Cut and the new X version. X is a fabulous upgrade, one that many cine guys and gals dismissed out of hand. Once you try it and see how well it works your negative thoughts are extinguished and you  realize that Apple has always thought outside the box. I'm confident we'll see an equally powerful reinvention of Aperture.

Since Aperture and iPhoto share the same library format and the same adjustment tools (just that iPhoto doesn't expose all of them), it makes probably sense for Apple to develop a lot of changes in parallel and thus the development schedule for Aperture probably is partially coupled with the development schedule for iPhoto.

That does not mean they will be released together but if iPhoto were to be released with OS X 10.9, a later release of 10.9 (as exactly a year after 10.8) would remove some development pressure on the common parts.

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