Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Strategic direction is right but pricing is out of whack

PhotoKhan wrote:

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

Moving to cloud is something all software vendor and solution providers will move toward.


Explain me something, because it seems everybody is so hypnotized by the tech no-jargon-concept of "The Cloud" that no one seems to want to tackle the basic limitation of the beast.

If we access something online, download it to the end use platform and store it it that very same platform, we are not using the "The Cloud". It just plain simple online business. It's how, for instance, we have been downloading most of our software in the last decade. However, once it is in the destination platform it is in the destinations platform, we can close our connection.

"The Cloud" concept, as it has been presented in the last few years, assumes that back and forth communication is going on between the device and the "The Cloud" for whichever simple task we might want to perform.

My question: What does one do if, for a variety of reasons, one goes offline"?

In this proposed Adobe model, what does a photographer do while on assignment in a non-coverage area?...Stops working altogether?

This is not true. My understanding is that in the cloud version, it still works on your laptop or desktop. You need internet connection only when you first start up and activate. From then on, it checks once a month to check if you are still authorized and/or paid your monthly fee.

I am also given to understand, that all the plugins that worked before in Photoshop will continue to work on Photoshop CC (Yes that is the new name of the cloud Photoshop).

So puzzling...It's like the ever-so-vaporous coffee-shop mentality has triumphed over solid reasoning.


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One other point I might mention, is usually the cloud should cost less. Adobe is making the big mistake of charging way too much. For example, PS CS6 upgrade costs $ 200 with perpetual license. I know that I can use it for at least 4 years, and less if I wish to upgrade for another $ 200. However, the cloud version costs $ 20 per month for one year contract. So each year will cost $ 2400 x 4 years = $ 9600 without paying for any additional Upgrades.

Please note, that all Apps for Smartphones are in the cloud, and for example, the cloud office suite for smartphones is about $ 16, compared to desktop version which is very high. The point is that cloud versions of software for smartphones are so low, that everybody that wants them will gladly pay for it. But that is not going to be the case for Adobe Cloud. If Adobe charged maybe, $ 10 per month, then millions would sign on and there would be no piracy of any kind.


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