There is actually NOTHING wrong with the GR Reds.

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There is actually NOTHING wrong with the GR Reds.

Posted this on the Ming Thein blog (pending moderation) and I think I should share it here too.

After getting my thumb unstuck I ran the test shot in RPP and ACR and came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong whatsoever with the GR files - they look great.

Running it in RPP I thought I might spot something being "off" but to my surprise and relief it was spot on from the get go. Running the DNG in ACR turned out some very ugly reds and when saved as TIFF and viewed in Preview the difference was striking, ACR seriously need to profile the GR.

I should have gotten to it earlier. It is a bit sad that Ming and others perpetuate a finding that is incorrect and which will probably have put off some people by planting the idea that the GR has funky colors.

There is NO need for a "firmware fix" of the colors - there is nothing wrong with it!

"Hello Ming!
I have now cross compared the DPReview test chart DNG files from the GR by running it in ACR as well as RPP. I can tell you there is nothing wrong with the reds from the GR. ACR must be the culprit. When I ran the DNG in RPP the file turned out great even in default mode with zero tweaking. In ACR the reds turn out pinkish and comparing the two after conversion shows a very distinct difference in the rendering of the reds with RPP being spot on. Since I use RPP anyway for DNG conversion I am happy with what the GR produces and I would not blame the camera for lack of profiling by ACR. There is simply put, nothing wrong with the files from the camera. I was pleasantly surprised and I really look forward to the GR.

I think you should have cross compared the GR DNG files in another RAW converter before posting your findings."

I like Ming Thein but this was hasty work indeed and a great disservice to anyone interested in the GR.

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