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Re: Plates and clamps

Denis of Whidbey Island wrote:

How finicky are the tolerances on the quick release plate on the Kirk collar?  Will it work with any A-S compatible quick release ball head?

Generally, and A-S screw-type clamp will work with most any A-S plate.  But it is a different story with the lever-style clamps.  In fact, RRS warns that only RRS and Wimberly plates will work.

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Ken Elliott
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Hi Ken,

Another to read that, is: "Stay away from RRS heads & clamps."

Forgot who posted it, and in what forum, but there was a link to A-S compatibility combos.   Leaning toward Wimberly plates, Kirk collar, Acratech tripod, and an Acratech clamp directly on my monopod.

The only issue I've seen raised about RRS equipment is that the lever clamps may not always work well with some other brand plates. (Got links to more damning threads?) One might read that as evidence to avoid anything other than RRS because the others take liberties with A-S standard dimensions. I've mixed RRS, Acratech, Foba, Kirk and eBay-nameless-clone over nearly 20 years without compatibility issues. Yes, one of my clamps is a RRS lever. But YMMV.


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Cannot find that link anywhere Denis, but my comments about RRS where of the sarcastic variety.  Learned my lesson the HARD WAY!  Stick with A-S compatible, and only from the big names.

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