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Fred Mueller Senior Member • Posts: 2,524
seat of the pants ...

I've sat in my local camera shop twice now, with my D600 + very average 24-85 vr attached, and my own 16-85vr on the shops 7100 demo - for about 45 minutes the last time I did it.  These are the lenses I would use on both if I had both ...

I want to like the 7100, have the cash to buy one, still have the Sigma 8-16 as well as the DX mid zoom - I keep thinking the 7100 would make a great companion to the 600 - a DX/FX pair because there are times when you want more DOF ...

and it's a really fine camera and lots of folks are going to be knocked out by it and so forth ... so no crit. there at all for those folks

but I can't bring myself to do it because (FOR ME) there is just too much of a gulf between the output real world ... I'd be reaching for the 600 when possible - there is a lot of noise in the 7100 files at ISO levels where I would just expect to see very very little and a kind of "oatmeal" quality to the noise that reminds me of my old Canon G7 ! ... like the files have been worked over even before you work them over in post ...

my 2 cent review for what it's worth

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