Should I go TTL or Manual w/Lightmeter?

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Re: Should I go TTL or Manual w/Lightmeter?

Well, it's a very important question for a couple of reasons. First, I think it is a very, very good idea that you learn how manual flash works regardless of how you eventually decide to trigger the lights. This knowledge will come in handy even when using TTL. Just as a camera wants to make a white dress gray, a TTL controlled flash will want to make a white dress gray... for the same reasons. In TTL, you dial up the flash exposure compensation. In manual flash, especially using a light meter, there isn't any doubt to begin with as the meter measures the light falling on the subject, not reflected back at it. So there is no need to "compensate". In any event, the knowledge is useful no matter what.

Another reason is that you can save yourself a boatload of money if you can make do without TTL. There are a LOT of more powerful flashes for far less money than the Quantum flashes... provided you don't need TTL. So it could potentially save you some money. Only you can decide if you need TTL. For me, I use TTL whenever the flash to subject distance varies quickly. TTL will figure this out. For times when flash to subject distance remains more constant, you will get more consistent and predictable results using the flash manually.

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