6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: 6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

mariadc wrote:

This is not another 'which camera to buy'.  I recently purchased a 6D and although it took awhile, my skills have greatly improved at tracking moving objects (sports, BIF, etc.).  I started thinking that perhaps I could get even more shorts - or a higher 'keep' rate - with a 7D.  I borrowed one for a few days and took a few shots yesterday.  Yes, the AF is a little faster.  And there were more 'keeper' shots.

HOWEVER...  there's no comparison to the IQ of the 6D.  Even with the extra reach I get with my 100-400 on the 7D, if I crop in just a little, the noise is just terrible, at least after a month of using a 6D.  Granted, it was about 7:30am this morning and the lighting wasn't great yet, but it wasn't dark by any means.   This may sound crazy, but I feel that I got less noise with my 30D.

I would post comparison shots but I don't feel that I have the same conditions.  I'm going to try to go out this afternoon with both the 6D and 7D, set up my tripod, and get some shots.  Don't know if I can get comparable BIF shots but I can get an osprey in the nest.  (it's a nice sunny day so the 7D should do well - hopefully better than early this morning)

I just wanted to post because I see everyone saying that if you shoot BIF or action, then you should go with the 7D.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  I'd rather have the better IQ...

Photographically there is little to no difference if you consider framing, ISO, time value (shutter speed) and depth of field (aperture).  In reality there is about 1-1/3rd to maybe 1-1/2 stop RAW advantage in noise for the 5D3/6D over the 7D at higher ISO's but you need 1-1/3rd greater aperture for the same DoF so in a strict photographic sense the advantage is lost.  Now, if you don't need the DoF at higher ISO's then the FF bodies will provide an advantage.

Canon EOS 7D 1/1250s f/4.5 at 300.0mm iso200

100% crop

Canon EOS 7D 1/320s f/6.3 at 100.0mm iso200

Where's the problem with a noisy/grainy sky in the above image that's been aggressively sharpened?

It's all about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your tools how to get the best from them.  RAW converters make a difference too.


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