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Jocachim... why I think you're wrong

You're blog post assumes that MILC cameras are supposed to do everything for everyone, and they just can't do this. In fact, no type of camera can do everything really well.

We select our cameras based on our needs and our preferences, and those things vary a lot for different people. I could be wrong, but I think there aren't very many people who use just one type of camera. And those who do are probably using their cell phones as their only system.

Many DSLR users also own MILC cameras, for the very reasons you explained. They like the OVF and the better AF for moving subjects, but they also like the convenience of a very good camera in a relatively small and light package.

Simply put... the cheapest MILC camera made is better than the most expensive fixed lens enthusiast compact with a small sensor. Yes, you read that correctly. A $400 Olympus EPM1 beats the pants off a Sony RX100 at half the price and with twice the versatility.

MILC cameras are aimed at several very distinct markets, so your generalizations fall short:

  • P&S users who want better image quality
  • DSLR users who want less size and weight in a second camera
  • Street shooters who want a portable and discrete camera
  • High end DSLR users who want a nice small camera for grab shots
  • A few people who want MILC to be their only system

The problems you describe will primarily affect the last group, but only if they need those things that MILC is missing. Clearly, MILC is NOT a good choice for sports and action shooters. But DSLRS are also not a good choice for some other purposes.

Lets examine your objections:

  1. Insufficient lens options. While this is true right now for Pentax Q, Nikon 1 and Fuji X, it certainly isn't true for M4/3, Sony NEX, or Samsung NX. There are over 40 native AF lenses available for M4/3 right now, with more coming every day. And the others will eventually catch up in time. Plus these cameras can use literally THOUSANDS of legacy lenses in manual mode with cheap adapters. Can a Nikon or Canon DSLR do that? Exactly how many types of lenses do most people need?
  2. "The EVF is a pain in the neck." Perhaps for you it is, but it is largely a matter of personal preference. An EVF can provide more accurate and useful information than an OVF can, and they are improving every year. I think you are imposing your own preferences on everyone else.
  3. Poor AF. This is a relative thing, and depends on your needs. If you need the fastest AF, then buy a DSLR or an SLT. But the CDAF isn't slow on M4/3 or NEX, and the Nikon 1 has pretty fast AF too.
  4. Ergonomics. I will admit, these cameras are not the best choice for people with huge hands, but so what? Is a Nikon D4 a good choice for someone with small hands? I'd say MILC cameras have opened up a brand new market by making high quality cameras more suitable for women, smaller people, and seniors. Once again, no camera can please everyone. There is a place for these cameras.
  5. No good FF MILC options. A MILC camera with a FF sensor seems like an oxymoron. Why build a tiny camera, only to have it require huge heavy lenses? As you pointed out, the current choices aren't good ones if you want "FF" and "MILC" in the same camera. Either you are stuck with a fixed 35mm lens, or you have to use a very expensive system that has no zoom or telephoto lenses and doesn't do auto focusing. But your problem really isn't a problem. If you need a FF camera, for all the good reasons you described, then rush out and buy a Nikon D600 or Canon 6D. There really is no natural law that says "one sort of camera must serve all purposes."
  6. Poor value for money. On top of everything else, you seem to demand that these cameras be bargain priced. Well, it just doesn't work that way. This is a niche market with lower volumes, so costs will be relatively high. And despite this there are many people willing to pay a premium price to get the things they want, but you apparently don't want.

If anyone wants the best DOF control, the widest lens selection, and the best possible IQ, then they should buy a FF camera. If they are birders or sports photographers, then they might need a DSLR. There are very many nice ones available today.

But, if anyone in interested in having a smaller and more portable camera that still provides exceptionally good image quality, then MILC could be the system for them.

Different strokes for different folks. It's good to have all these choices available to us. What you call a problem really isn't a problem at all. It is just having more options.

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