NEX 3N vs RX-100 IQ Difference?

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NEX 3N vs RX-100 IQ Difference?

Apologize for the length and I know this question has been asked.  But I am looking for something specific to my needs.

I'm looking for a backup to my DSLR.  I've narrowed down to NEX 3N and RX-100.  I've taken a lot of time to actually play around with these cameras at the Sony Store, plus I owned a 5N in the past that I sold.  As such, I'm familiar with the size and handling.

The size difference is NOT a factor to me.  No matter how small, I've never been a person that's comfortable putting a camera in my jeans pocket with everything else.  I usually carry it separately in a small bag with a wrist strap.  For this purpose, either the NEX 3N with the kit PZ OR the RX100 is just fine.  Put another way, if I'm in a situation where I think the NEX is too big to carry around, then I'm not gonna bother taking the RX either.  I'd just use my IPhone.  Hope that makes sense.

I will NOT be adding more lenses to NEX.  No plans on adding even a cheap SIGMA.  I know this will limit me, but at the same time if I'm in a situation where my photos matter so much that I need a faster lens or a lens with more reach, I'm taking my DSLR with the proper lens, not a NEX OR RX.

I am firmly intending on using the NEX 3N with the 16-50 PZ, and that's it.  Basically like a point and shoot.

I also have not had an issue with the handling of either camera.  Both feel good (side note I don't know why so many people complain about the menu of the NEX series, it's pretty easy once you figure it out and you can't expect DSLR level handling) and are equally easy to use imo.

So I think ultimately it comes down to price and IQ for me.  These are the most important factors.  I'm wondering if the RX100 really is worth an extra $200 for someone in my shoes.  The RX's lens is faster, but the NEX has the larger sensor.  Will the RX's Zeiss lens produce much higher IQ pictures than the 16-50PZ?  Enough to justify an extra $200?

Frankly I think at the recently lowered price point of $450 the NEX is a damn steal while the RX100 is still at that "I feel a bit uncomfortable paying this much for a compact" level.  But that's my opinion.   I can afford either, so I want to go with the one that will produce better IQ.

Sony RX100
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