Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: ..... before you buy a Fuji X. Read also something else

:-)Randy Benter wrote:

Fenwoodian wrote:

...It's all a matter of mastering your equipment...IF you're willing to put the hours into mastering the technique.

You can paint a house with a Q-tip if your willing to put in the hours, but that doesn't mean it's the best tool for the job.

I don't understand all the replies bashing the OP. It is clear that some who replied did not even read the blog. His main point was that DSLRs are not dead and he said more positive things than negative about mirrorless. He never said you can't shoot fast moving subjects with a mirrorless camera, he said that a DSLR is a better tool for the job.

Size isn't the big difference that some make it out to be. A Canon T4i with 18-55 lens weighs the same as a X-Pro1 with 18-55 lens and isn't much larger. They both have APS-C sensors; the Canon is much cheaper, has faster AF, an articulating LCD and a built-in flash.

I personally use a Fuji because I don't care about the price and I don't shoot fast moving subjects, but I would recommend a small DSLR to most people.

Randy, I really like your Q-tip analogy.

The "best" tool for the job (in this case Birds In Flight) means different things to different people.

  • Best to some readers might mean "easiest to use".
  • Best to others might mean "the highest percentage of keepers".
  • Best to others might mean "highest possible quality for limited cost".

Best to me means "the highest possible quality while still being affordable".  Sure I'd love to have my own Hubble telescope, but I can't afford it, so my best telescope needs to be one that produces the highest possible quality for the few hundred dollars that I can afford to spend.

A state of the art DSLR set up with a fast auto-focus 400mm - 600mm lens will probably cost well over $10,000 USD.  It will certainly win the best at "ease of to use" and "the highest percentage of keepers".

While a $2,000 Fuji X camera set up (with a quality manual focus telephoto) will certainly not be the "best" from an "easy to use standpoint" or a "getting the highest percentage of keepers" standpoint; I would argue that it wins at being the best at "producing the highest possible quality for a limited cost".

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