Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

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Re: Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

ot73 wrote:


one year ago, i did the switch from zoom (24-105 on canon 5d2) to prime lens.

everyone is talking about the IQ, the DOF...but you forgot the most importent thing for an hobbyist - FUN!

i have 35 1.4 and 100 2 for family, street etc. and its great combo.

for travelling/hiking with my family im using 24 2.8 (old one) 40 2.8 and tokina 17 3.5 (rare).

im not taking all the prime lens with me - just 2-3.

i really like to just pull my camera out and shoot, without moving the zoom.

sometimes i miss some shoots with the prime, but most of the time i really enjoying taking pictures with them!

what im saying is that do what makes you happy - its an hobby!

I hear you.  The first DLSR I bought was an XTI.  I bought the 60mm macro and that's the only lens I had for a while.  Took thousands of photos with that combo.  I slowly added more primes over the years and really like the "simplicity" of having the option of only one focal length at any one time.  My wife and I too a trip to Paris over Christmas and I took my 40mm pancake, 85 1.8 nd 135L.  I'd either leave the hotel with the pancake and the 85, or the pancake and the 135....never all three.  I think that's one of the tricks to being successful with a prime only setup.

btw....all of my cars have been "stick shifts".....no automatic's.    Maybe I've got a "traditionalist" gene that contributes to my tendency to primes over zooms.

I'm going to put the 24 2.8 IS and the Sigma 35 1.4 to their paces a bit more this coming weekend and then make some decisions.

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