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Re: Are they mad?

Interesting is, how many non-pros posess and use - in whatever skills level - legal version of ps3. In my place this program i horrible expensive in comparison to sallary, but I know three such users.

On my own,i rarely do pro work recently, however i've kept my cs suite up to date in reasonable way.

Sorry, but my cs5 is the lastone edition i've bought. I'm sure, that none of my ps-owning fellows won't go for a cloud.

I'm pretty sure, that Adobe is well prepared for the cloud. Also their recent step proves that theyfailed, and trying to find a new way to 'convince' customers for their idea.

Single year rebate is a joke. Not only for me, i think. I can still use my cs5 at least to the death of windows 8 era. It means 10 years or so. During this time one can decide wether to go for a cloud, or not. Or to look for alternatives. My first ps was version 4 bought somewhere in 1999. It is 14 years. At this time linux was something weird, suitable for school experiments. Gimp wasn't anything worth to look at. Since this time, gimp became almost competitor to ps - and hopefully next version 3 will bring 16bit channel. Also Scribus appeared on the scene and grown up, to the usable level. Inkscape is also interesting stuff. When my cs5 refuse to work, all these programs will be fully functiona. And these are not the only options.

So, goodbye, adobe. I like You, but You may cost me too more.

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