Software changes big/no big deal for Fuji ownders??

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Software changes big/no big deal for Fuji ownders??

There was this IMO very undesirable Adobe lease/subscription only software model being announced this week. On the Adobe website it says that Lightroom, one of the Fuji RAW converters, will be part of CC (Creative Cloud). (in some forums people are saying that LR will still be available as a stand alone, but Adobe doesn't really say that...). If this is the case I wonder whether this will be quietly accepted after some initial rants or whether Adobe will crash land with this and the company will go down in one of the biggest blunders of corporate decision making. US$ 49.99/mth no biggie? Who's to say that they won't increase the prices when people don't have a choice anymore? US$ 600.00 for the full suite per year might make sense for graphics studios that are on US$ 300.00 per hour, but what software company would then cater for the ordinary "enthusiast" who uses his computer as a recreational device, a hobby in the old sense where a ticking clock in the background spoils the fun of using it. I am aware of the "specials" for the first year, for me as a CS3 user I could get the subscription for one app for 9.99 or US 120.00 per year ... Adobe says this would be guaranteed for the first year, what I HEAR is that the price will go up after one year - unless it is an utter disaster ...

Capture One looks like a steal at US$ 299.00 one-off (I think I paid around 199.00 when they had one of their specials on)... but maybe they will go down the same path, when Adobe has, what the claim as, such a "huge success".

Since RAW converters are not as ubiquitously available for Fuji X-Trans sensors as they are for other standards, does this bother anybody here or does anybody here have plans to stick with Adobe - or move on before you get sucked in completely?

In short: I don't think this is good news for the photographically inclined user. Today a bad day ... Fuji's RAW format such a delicate flower that unless other software companies will join in, there isn't much hope.

Am I the only one here that is bothered by this all-new policy?? Over in the Open Talk forum one of the threads read: Before you complain, understand it first... The OP got 6 thumbs up, so must be right ...

I only bought into the Fuji system after Phase One had RAW support, I wouldn't have touched the Fujis otherwise so software a big deal for me!



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