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Re: Seasonal fluctuation for all... revenues down the same as units

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The current Mirrorless share of the interchangeable market in Japan is 49.4%....not bad in a little over 4 years?

No increase in market share over the past year.

Re: The Canon EOS M The Future of EOS M [CR1]  "Spluttered out of the gate
The Canon EOS M system hasn’t been the sales success Canon had hoped. Bad press about the autofocus and lack of lenses are probably big reasons why. There’s also a feeling Canon isn’t totally committed to the mirrorless market, as the segment hasn’t really been a dominant player in the United States, like it has in parts of Asia...."

BCN data suggest that the EOS-M has increased in popularity recently.  With EOS-M comprising 3 of the top 4 mirrorless cameras in Japan in April, if its sales have been disappointing, what does that imply about the sales of other mirrorless?

I havent checked so I can take your word for it
however its plain you werent looking at aggregate sales

As you know, aggregate unit sales data are only published periodically by BCN (usually every 6 months). Nevertheless, one can get an idea of which companies are doing well by how many of their camera configurations are among the best sellers.

as it happens, P&O have just over 50% of the mirrorless market
last time I looked BCN Data didnt have EOS even in the top 10 (aggregate)

P&O initially had 100% of the mirrorless market.  Imo, having over 50% at this stage of mirrorless development isn't that impressive.

As I noted, the EOS-M has seen a recent increase in popularity in Japan.  Since this camera doesn't appear to have much going for it, I find this surprising.  Since my previous post, BCN released new rankings today for last week. EOS-M black double kit moved up to 6th to 5th place, EOS-M double kit white move up from 16th to 10th place, and EOS-M double kit blue moved up from 17th to 12th.

E-PL3 is in 8th and E-PL5 is 12th. Top Panasonic is the GF6 in 36th place.


Im thinking the previous year was an up year, and to extent this is just more normalised data

Micro Four Thirds is the top selling mount in Japan.

Let's hope it continues to be. Maybe you aren't surprised that the best selling Panasonic didn't make the top 20 last month, but I am.

volume isnt about profit, Panasonic have enough problems

True, but the two are obviously related (you can't make a profit if you don't sell anything).

living life to the Four Thirds!

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