Your experience with the Qflash T5dR

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Re: Your experience with the Qflash T5dR

I use them all the time, and am happy with them Sam.

I prefer the X5d-R's for their greater output, but all the Quantum's work essentially the same. If you already have  400Ws Lumedynes then the X5d-R's will be the same with a Qpaq + 200Ws booster. Alone, a Qpaq is 200Ws. I still have Lumedynes as well but they get used far less than they used to. They normally get used for full power lighting factory interiors or engineering projects, but they  still get triggered by the Quantum FreeXwire receivers and sometimes alongside the Quantums whether using TTL or not.

Older T5d-R heads can split if you apply too much pressure to the fixing collar forcing the head clams apart but the newer ones are better. I've properly broke one in about six years. The tighter you fasten them the more pressure is applied to the head clam which forces it apart.. using some Chimera speedrings or some Lumedyne ones which are thicker gauge can lead to stressing the head clam, so don't just force the fitting and don't be heavy handed. I don't expect to swing a 100x120 softbox on the neck-flange, It's not sensible. The metal body of the Lumedyne deluxe heads are better suited for that or use an adapter instead.

The new R3 upgrade for the T5d-R is useful which enables three remote T5d-R's to be controlled in any mode and whilst I have the Trio and Pilot for control, I find that I mostly use the CoPilot as a controller. The CoPilot will control 3 groups in TTL or Manual, or mixed and is really small.

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Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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