Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: ..... before you buy a Fuji X. Read also something else

KariP wrote:

Some good points - but usually people choose something  using their own special needs as guidelines. Not comparing cameras.  I have a 7D + several lenses and i did NOT buy Fuji X-E1 to replace the whole system.

You did not mention X-E1 or 18-55 zoom - you missed the best arguments  - light weight and versatility - IMO.

X-E1 with the zoom is nearly perfect for traveling light and getting high IQ images.  Perhaps i will later by some other Fujinon lens when i know what i really need. Perhaps the 10-24 ... not the 50-200

If i want to do some BIF or wildlife shooting , i will haul my 7D with a longer lens - there is no idea in creating a small body system with one huge tele-zoom.  Fuji is made for a small bag, some traveling/walking around or perhaps street photography.  And also for indoor shooting without a flash  - high IQ  with high ISO and low noise compared t any DSLR.

My advice for shoppers is to think first what YOU need - not what Fuji or a DSLR can or can not. I needed a portable  system for some special needs that I have - and a DSLR could not do that. If a camera + just one lens weighs 1400g   and the other system half of it.... try carrying them hanging on your neck for 8 hours.  You will know...

While I prefer to use my Nikon D300 for birds in flight, I have used my X Pro 1 with Nikkor 400mm f/5.6 MF lens to capture birds in flight photos that are better in every way than photos I've taken with my Nikon D300.  And yes, I have previously posted examples on this blog...

It's all a matter of mastering your equipment.  I've put in the hours to get to know how to shoot BIF with my XP1 and my XE1 using EVFs and it's paid off.  However, those of you who are auto-everything shooters would not care to do BIF manually.   But I like the challenge, have mastered it, and have proven that Fuji X cameras CAN take exceptional BIF and wildlife photos with long Nikkor telephoto lenses IF you're willing to put the hours into mastering the technique.

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