Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

mjl699 wrote:

OP has made good points. What matters is what weight you give them when selecting a camera for your own use.

DOF: Agree, 35mm has the advantage over APS-C to get a narrow DOF. But I can still shoot a subject's eye in focus and their nose and ears out of focus with the background a complete blur with the Fuji 35mm. And in the converse situation, Fuji has the advantage - shooting with the 14mm with a small aperture (high f-number) its hard to get anything out of focus ... Shoot your preference in terms of lenses.

Features: Agree, DLSRs have lots of features, some are even useful (whilst I personally don't shoot video much, for those that do DSLRs, especially pricey ones, appear to be a lot better than the alternatives). But the basics of photography are aperture, shutter speed, metering, ISO control, and some related options (bracketing, multiple exposures, timed exposures). In my opinion the XP1 does a lot of these as well or (due to control layout) better than many DSLRs.

Focussing: Yep, hands down for DSLRs in terms of speed vs XP1. Shame that's the trade off that I have to make today, but the XP1 is still very usable in this respect.

So I agree that DSLRs remain king for some forms of photography. 10 years ago they were king for almost all types of photography. Now the're not unchallenged. What's to argue?

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DSLRs were not the "king for almost all types of photography" 10 years ago.   10 - 20 years ago I was shooting medium format film for landscapes and product photography.   Back then, DSLR couldn't compare to medium format film, sorry....

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