Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Not for Lightroom and not for Elements

Doug Pardee wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

I got it from the horse's mouth (it helps to know people).

You need to listen to me on this one.  Trust me.

I don't have a problem with trusting you. I have a problem with trusting Adobe. Please tell the horse's mouth that a public statement from Adobe would be much appreciated.

I did.

Adobe's silence on this matter is very concerning.

I think they think there's no reason to worry, as they haven't changed anything with LR and plan to release LR5 very soon, using the same models as before.

How hard is it for them to say, "There will be more versions of Lightroom beyond LR5?"

Not too hard, but it's also not that hard to figure out that there will.  Nothing has changed with Lightroom.  It's in Beta right now, it's about to come out (according to Tom Hogarty himself on the video I just posted), and it will be a normal perpetual license.  So dot-releases will be as usual, and LR6 will be under development, as usual during the LR5 product cycle.

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