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HDD reliability and UPS

A lot of commentary on this thread and others about lack of reliability of a lot of HDDs.

The HDD does seem to be the weak link in most computer systems. Some HDDs are better than others, but it is the most mechanically complicated part of the system, and the magnetic coatings on the platters and heads are very fragile and prone to defects and damage, including from electrical spikes that propagate to the heads.

I have a UPS between the wall outlet and my PC. Not just to keep it running when the power goes out, but to block power transients. Expensive "spike filters" don't do a good job at that despite their claims, and the cheap ones are junk. And in the last few seconds before a power outage, there are often a lot of spikes and low-voltage brown-out conditions that may cause damage to sensitive parts of the system, damage that may be invisible at the time and then creates havoc later.

I have not had any HDD problems since I started using a UPS.

This is not a factual proof by any means, but I recommend a UPS for a variety of reasons. If the power outage lasts longer than the battery charge, it will shut down your system before running out of power. I got one with 60 minutes of reserve power. Sometimes it will switch over for a fraction of a second when there is a perturbation on the line.

My system (i7-3770, 16GB RAM, SATA SSD, SATA HDD, external USB HDD) consumes 75W from an 240W 80 PLUS Gold power supply, so the UPS power needs are modest.

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