Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Not for Lightroom and not for Elements

Toermalijn wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Doug Pardee wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

I'm absolutely 100% positive of what I said.

Not very comforting. I'd feel a lot better if I heard it from Adobe...

I got it from the horse's mouth (it helps to know people).

You need to listen to me on this one.  Trust me.

I don't doubt the authenticity of your source for a moment.  But for how long will LR be available as a seperate perpetual-licence product?  This year?  For the life of LR5?  And then when LR6 appears...

They allready stated thinking of making LR also cloud based. My guess is it won't be long before it moves to the cloud as well.

Now, you're putting words in their mouths.  They aren't talking about making LR "cloud-based", they are talking about making a new product that runs on portable devices that can allow you to interact with your images and be able to re-sync that data with your LR catalog, all using Adobe's cloud-based services.  That isn't at all the same thing as changing the purchase model to a subscription model.  Listen carefully:

Sneak Peek of Mobile Raw Imaging Solution from Adobe

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