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Re: Are they mad?

brebis wrote:

I fail to understand Adobe's move here... It's bound to be a failure IMO.

I don't like it one bit but they're not mad.  They're making a very gutsy move to push their revenue even higher.

Understand that Adobe at this point is going nowhere bad.  The entire creative world has not only invested in their software, but invested in the training, and more importantly time to learn it and keep up on it.

They could care less about hobbyists dropping PS...most people aren't very advanced users anyway.

But for real workers in the industry to drop it?  Not gonna happen and Adobe knows this.  There is an entire industry and secondary industries built around PS and they're all going to back Adobe otherwise their own livelihood would suffer as well.  Adobe knows this and is banking on exactly that.

I went to PS recently and changed my whole workflow from the formerly Nikon suite; just wasn't powerful enough.

I did, however, try GIMP as a free option before I bit the bullet on CS6.  Too bad that program is just as much a piece of s**t as when I tried it a decade ago.  Probably does everything that PS does but has an AWFUL UI.

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