So, rumor has it...

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Re: So, rumor has it...

Great Bustard wrote:

...that Sigma's working on releasing a 135 / 1.8 OS and a 24 / 1.4, both "art" lenses, by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.  Like I said, just a rumor, but if I were Sigma, that's what I'd do.

That leaves 50mm open for Canon.  I'd be pleased to see a 50 / 2 IS ala the 35 / 2 IS and/or a 50 / 1.2L II.

But what we're missing is a fast 17mm prime.  I think that's gotta come from Sigma, since Canon has the 14 / 2.8L II and 17 TSE.  Then again, maybe Sigma might think to redo their 20 / 1.8, although that's a bit too close to 24mm, I would think.

Let's not forget zooms, though.  I think the 24-200mm range is pretty well covered at the moment.  So, I'm wondering if someone isn't working on a killer UWA zoom.

How say you all?

20mm is a fair bit wider than 24mm. I'd love to have a good modern 20/2.8 prime, although I'd be ok with a 17mm as well. All of the old 20mm primes look great on film but are a bit lacking in the corners on FF DSLR. I'd rather have one that was 2.8 and fairly sharp across the frame rather than one that is made to be uber fast at the expense of the edges.

Speaking of 24-200 range.. I would love to see a modern 24-200 super zoom that is decent. I think it's a better range than a 28-300. The old Tokina 24-200 was such a great range, only problem is that it sucked when shooting wider than F8. The Nikon and Tamron 28-300's leave a little bit to be desired, and although the 28-300 L is really good for what it is, it's really expensive and big, and none of these get down to 24mm. Considering that Sony's 18-200 E mount lens is actually quite good for a super zoom, I would think a 24-200 FF lens that isn't super expensive or the size of a 70-200/2.8 is possible. I would bet with more modern lens design and technology they could keep it the same size as the old Tokina which wasn't too big, yet make it much better optically.

Sigma's 135/1.8 is going to have to be damn good to run with a 135L or 135 Zeiss though.

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