Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

Robert J. Atwell wrote:

Thanks Glen.  I have used both at various times.  I'm thinking that some of Adobe's plugin suppliers like Topaz Labs and Tiffen may well expand their standalone products.  Topaz Labs already gave us layering, masking and adjustments in standalone mode with their FX product.  I expect that Adobe's absence from the standalone market will suit them quite well.  Raw formats are going to be their challenge.  However, DNG converters or something similar may well solve my still image issues.   In any event between the products you mentioned and the others that are already there and those that will come; I'm sure I'll be able to get my work done with or without Adobe.  It just seems silly for them to abandon us loyal paying customers.  But if their business model compels them to go this way then some of their old loyal customers will have to find new products to use.  Business is business.

I realize from your previous posts that your concerns go beyond those of merely having access to a good editor.  However I want to pimp a bit for my new favorite editor!   ACDSee Photo Editor 6 will open a dng file that has been converted from an orf file.  I know because I did it this morning.  It also will perform complete 16 bit editing.  The more I use it, the more I like it, it is worth investigating.

As to why Adobe has done this, it is more than JUST money.  They got plenty of money.  It is predictability of income and reduced expenses.  They know full well that they will lose most guys like me. Serious amateurs.

What they want is for professionals to pony up for the monthly subscription fee.  I don't think it's just to tie you guys to them, shoot they already had you. It is to get a predictable annual income, and to reduce maintenance costs.  Let's face it, this class of software is pretty mature, there isn't a lot that can be done to it to make this software more user friendly or make you more productive.  This eliminates the need to create a totally fictional new version every 18 months that some people will buy and some people will wait for the NEXT version.  Everybody pays the same at the same time and all they got to do is keep it running on the PC's.

Maintenance programming and support is EXPENSIVE, anything you can do to drop this is pure profit.  They probably think the savings in maintenance will outweigh the lost market share when calculating the bottom line.  And the predictability of income will help them adjust the amount and quality of support long term.  No more staffing up to get a new version out the door, only to lay people off later.  (no one likes that on either side of the desk!)  When ongoing maintenance can be done by a stable, smaller crew working in less hectic situations everyone feels better, including the accountants.

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