Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

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Re: Lens dilemma: Multiple Primes vs Standard zoom

tonyjr wrote:

If yo have the time to change the lenses to frame your shots , primes are OK .

How many lenses would the 24-70 or 24-105 replace ?

If bokeh is what you want , primes can help , but only in poor light .

That is just not accurate.  One can use a wide aperture in bright light using a high shutter speed, and even a flash on high speed sync as I did below at F1.4 to blur the background foliage.

How much difference is there with the 85 1.8 at f 8 than the 24-105 at 85 mm and f 8 ?

Most people don't buy fast primes to shoot them at F8.

This is a hobby for me and probably 85 % of shots are between F 5.6 and F 11 .

To each his own.  I do the same when I am shooting landscapes and scenery shots with people, but many people use shallow DOF to add something more than the snapshot look.

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