What other software supports Abobe plugins?

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Re: What other software supports Abobe plugins?

xrdbear wrote:

If you own a string of expensive plugins and go to cloud membership for Photoshop do you lose the use of all your plugins if you can't manage the Adobe subscription one month?

Assuming we are talking about Photoshop plugins, unless I am missing something, the creative cloud version of Photoshop is still an executable image you download and install on your local machine. That means your 3rd party plug-ins will continue to work, but since in Photoshop those plug-ins are true plug-ins and run inside Photoshop (part of same OS code thread) you will need a licensed copy of Photohsop to run Photoshop and therefore run the plugins inside Photoshop.

If your Photoshop licence expires because you have lapsed the Photoshop subscription, then your plugins are still licensed from their supplier OK, but you have no way to launch them - UNLESS they were (like Nik) also supplied in standalone version as for Lightroom or Aperture. At least Lightroom does not (currently) have a plugin architecture - those LR plugins retailed today are actually export interfaces and launchers of the standalone versions which run under their own thread under your OS.

That Photoshop subscription lapsing I think occurs max 180-days (for the 1 year contract subscription) after you last paid a subscription, and I guess immediately on internet connection after non-payment unless you firewall off your Adobe manager's software's ability to contact the subscription servers (which it does in some once every 30-day pattern, but the exact retry algorithm won't be public until people analyse it and Adobe is smart enough to make it agile anyways). If you are on monthly subscription I guess it lapses after max 30-days whatever you do.

The more complex problem will come when within the cloud versions Adobe now offers you an incremental upgrade (they are going to do upgrades more frequently right, that's one of the benefits we get) which is not compatable with your current version of your plugin, but I would presume you can somehow prevent that discrete Photoshop upgrade taking place.

In practice you have this potential problem with the existing perpetual model anyways where your Photoshop updater runs anyways.

It is not unreasonable to expect the plug-in makers to also start this subscription-only model as all the computer companies desperately try to lock us in to their technology and only their technology. The cloud part just gives them the excuse to introduce proprietary storage interfaces and as well as formats for all or parts of your property.

The regulators (whoever they are) should make it mandatory that software coming from companies which have Unreasonable Market Power (in essence = excessively high market share) is always also offered under one-time purchase against open-standard interfaces, with those interfaces kept under industry-body control.

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