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Since they are both 24 MP, you wouldn't see much difference when pixel peeking. The caveat being that the lens and focus accuracy on the D7100 has to be about 1.5x sharper than on the D600 if they are capturing equivalent detail. However, the D7100 is using a smaller area in the center, it is less challenging to get sharp corners.

Actually, it is only less challenging to get sharp corners IF the lens you're using is good enough (to resolve the DX corners with the detail at less than half the size as compared with FX better than it can resolve the FX corners with the detail at more than twice the size as compared with DX) - otherwise (i.e., as a rule), you actually get better image quality everywhere with FX, even the corners.

The challenge is finding a lens that is good enough. Mose wide lenses have problems with the corners on FX.

I think you have it backwards, i.e., its tough to find a lens good enough to make the DX corners better than the FX corners. It is only with the best lenses at their best apertures that the DX corners will be better, despite using less of the image circle, due to the much higher demand on lens resolution on the smaller sensor (across the entire frame).

The Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8D AF-S is a good example of a lens that does better on DX than FX. It is very sharp in the center, but on FX the corners suffer from strong field curvature.

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