Photoshop Cloud and Third-Party Add-Ons

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Re: Photoshop Cloud and Third-Party Add-Ons

Antioch wrote:

There is apparently a work around for Plug Ins.

Some of the Plug Ins, particularly those for Premiere Pro, After Effects runs into thousands of dollars.

I do not believe the plug ins work directly in the cloud. If you are Cloud based, you still download a module into your computer and actually work on your own computer. Then adobe checks your validity every 30 days and sometimes every 180 days to see if you are still eligible to use the Cloud based Software. It is not clear if you can install your Photoshop or other Plug Ins to the Cloud based Module on your computer.

However, their Website states this:

"Many of the Creative Cloud desktop applications provide the ability to export files to the Creative Suite 6 version of that same application. Creative Suite 6 products are available via a perpetual software license."

Therefore one can use the Cloud based Software, export the file to CS6 only, then load up CS6 and use that file exported from the Cloud and thus use the Plug In installed in CS6. However, if this is the case, why bother using the Cloud, unless the Cloud has a new super duper feature. Also note, that you can subscribe to the Cloud on a month to month basis (at a higher monthly cost). In other words, you can use Photoshop cloud for one month and discontinue.

Also note that Adobe released the Entire Set of CS2 Software a few month ago for free, with Activation Numbers. This was activation free, in other words, they will work without any activation checking, meaning in perpetuatity.

Lots of companies are going cloud based, as it gets the companies a lot more money, than a perpetual license.


Since you download the software onto your machine, you're able to load the plug-ins.

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