High contrast scenes with the DPxM

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Re: Are you really blowing highlights?

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

curiouspeter wrote:

Experts, how do you guys expose for high contrast scenes with the DP Merrill?

I just received mine last week and I am already blown away by the pixel-level sharpness. The images at 100% look as if they had been down-sampled.

However, I am still having trouble with the exposure. I practice ETTR to reduce shadow noise but I keep blowing highlights. It seems the live histogram is not useful at all.

Highlights are pretty small so they are kind of lost in the histogram.  You have to just learn to see when there might be pretty strong highlights in an image and back of ETTR...

But are you sure you've really lost the highlights?  Have you tried in SPP both reducing exposure until they come back, and also increasing fill light (which brings back highlights too).  Not the highlights slider, that (ironically) does not do anything to recover highlights.

I am pretty sure the highlights are gone. I tried both exposure and fill light. But it has the same cement colored patch.

Yeah, the highlight slider is pretty useless.

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