Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

Al Valentino wrote:

If you have been around a while and know what you shoot and understand cameas and lenses and do your homework/research then moving to mirrorless is an informed decision. For myself the limitation is basically about wildlife which I knew going in. I also knew the difference in focus speed but so far that has not been a real issue for me.

What the article left out is the intangible aspect. That is the sheer joy of using these cameras. For myself, with 6 lenses for Nikon, at least before I bought the XE1, I could shoot anything but the Fuji brought the joy of photogrpahy back in my life. I know I am not alone in feeling that way and I think that is one of the greatest vitues of these cameas. My DSLR was a tool, my Fuji is a toy, in the most positive sense of the word, as it just makes photogrpahy fun again. We may not have many lenses choices but the choices are all quality that bring out the best in the wonderful sensor. The great lenses bring out the best in a the sensor, and the photogrpaher brings out the best in the camera.

+1 to the above.

While I'm puzzled by the contentious reaction to the OP's well done blog post, I do think he didn't capture the positive aspects of the 'gestalt' of using the X-pro1 and the X100's. These Fuji cameras offer a fresh experience for many when it comes to image making.

In my opinion it isn't about whether DSLR's trump Mirror-less cameras but about what each tool brings to the experience of making pictures.

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