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Re: Is open software the only option...

richardplondon wrote:

Marcin 3M wrote:

I don't believe that LR will remain eprpetual software for a long time.

We'll have to see - but it'll do for the meanwhile.

Just to give it a fair chance, I have just priced out CC membership on the Adobe UK site, and for a single CS product such as Photoshop (CS3 or later) you can get on at slightly less than the cost of an upgrade to the current version, if you also spread that cost over 18 months. And since you pay it progressively and smoothly, you get onto future versions as they arrive (and also onto the latest version right now) without needing to suddenly pay out a lump sum up front.

I'm afraid I'm rather more pessimistic.

As for UK prices: a CS6 (Photoshop-only) upgrade is around £190 (Amazon).

Until CS6 you could upgrade every third release (up to 5 years at 18-month cycles), so the upgrade cost over 5 years works out at £3.17 per month.  Now you have to upgrade everytime, so on 18-month upgrades that costs £10.55 a month.  Adobe is talking of moving to a 12-month upgrade cycle, but that doesn't benefit users.  There's no implication that they are putting 50% more software developers in place, so we just get fewer new features per upgrade, and doesn't really affect the cost.

The CC price for a single product (e.g. Photoshop) is £17.58 (ignoring any one-year-only discount to existing users).  That's 66% price rise for those that upgrade photoshop every time, or in the old days when we could upgrade every 3 it represents a whopping 555% price rise.

As for LR remaining a perpetual licence: well, Tom Hogarty says LR5 will remain a stand-alone product, but I don't read that as a commitment (or even an indication) that it will remain stand-alone long term.

I'd really like to stay with Adobe, but to be blunt, my trust in them has taken quite a knock.

The idea that LR gets a similar cloud lock-in and I'm left with 65k images (currently) in an LR catalog is not appealing, and I'm looking for an escape strategy in case I need one.

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