What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: vqueen, you yourself are worse than any cheaters!!

WHERE in the rules does it say that I cannot put the leaves in the water myself?? This is your first stupid mistake.

Your second, even more stupid mistake is to say they are not floating. If they are not floating, how on earth can I then take pictures of them? There are even fishes UNDER them in the photo!! How can that be then? Do you suggest I was swimming in that small pond with my OMD under water?

And yes, honesty IS an important thing. But when people like yourself let personal prestige become more important than honesty, so you can not admit your own mistake and correct it, you should be permanently banned as a challenge host. An assignment you are clearly not fit for in any way. This makes it even more pathetic when you have the nerve of participating in this discussion forum, when you so flagrant abuse your own rules, but critisize other people. Dont announce any more challenges, which you are obviously not fit to monitor with even a minimum of integrity. And to my knowledge, dont participate in a discussion like this since you are using your "power" as a host to act like a god and disqualify those of us who really put an effort into photography and try to be honest and to contribute to making challenges into something honest and positive.

If you dont have the integrity, honesty or even smallest ambition to be a fair and honest host. Take your responsibility and withdraw as such!

I hope to not see any more challenges from you announced in the future... And with this I rest my case, focusing on the people here trying to make this an honest competition for everyone.

Playing God as a challenge host... Baahhh pathetic, unprofessional and a proof you are not up to even the most simple tasks in life...

vqueen wrote:

Dear Mr Scorpio, your entry at my "leaves floating on the water" is disqualified because the leaves, as stated by yourself in our messages, is planted by yourself and they are definitely not floating and thus not in line with the challenge theme. The other disqualifications you are referring to in your message are due to cheating, cheating that has been also proved by other forum posters in the thread. I understand you are frustrated that your photo, which is really nice and for which you have worked hard has been disqualified but it's not a reason for false accusations, for which, ironically, you blame me... Don't forget: honesty is a good thing, an important thing and does not worth being breached just because you are frustated..... Best regards.

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