Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Not for Lightroom and not for Elements

ljfinger wrote:

I'm absolutely 100% positive of what I said.

Not very comforting. I'd feel a lot better if I heard it from Adobe, not from some semi-random member of DPReview. [I say "semi-random" because I know Lee Jay's been around here a long time and has been pretty reliable.]

I'd also like to be able to point other people to Adobe's statement on the matter. Since I can't find such a statement, I'm having trouble doing that.

Let's compare Adobe's statements on CS6 and Lightroom:

  • Photoshop CS6 is still available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers.
  • Lightroom 5 will be available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers.

No difference except in verb tense. CS6 has been available and LR5 isn't yet available, hence the use of "is still" versus "will be."

  • Adobe and authorized resellers are no longer selling boxed software [of CS6]...
  • A boxed version of Lightroom 5 will be available from authorized resellers.

Lightroom can still be bought boxed, CS6 can't. Not relevant to my concerns.

  • The Photoshop team will provide bug fixes and security updates for Photoshop CS6 while it is still available for purchase. New features and all the other Creative Cloud services, however, will not be added to Photoshop CS6.
  • [no statement of future support for Lightroom]


Adobe's repeated refusal to state what their plans are for non-cloud Lightroom after LR5 are deeply troubling. It could be that Adobe does plan to continue development, but if so, why aren't they trumpeting that? Taken literally, the above says that Adobe plans to provide bug fixes and security updates to CS6 but won't commit to doing even that much for Lightroom.

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