OT: What are you going to do with the new Adobe changes to software access?

Started May 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
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OT: What are you going to do with the new Adobe changes to software access?

Just curious about my fellow M43ers reaction to Adobe's now official new business model, offering only cloud subscriptions to PS (although LR is still available as a standalone).

CS6 is going to be the last generation of hard copy, standalone programs from them; they have moved now to a subscription model completely.

I've used Photoshop now for 14 years for my image processing.  I do convert from RAW in LR, but I just find the tools in PS to be more useful overall for me, so I can't switch over completely to LR, and I don't know of another image processing program that does quite what PS can do in a lot of ways (there may be others out there, but I have not run into one that does what I need quite as well).

I understand why they are doing it; my guess is it is a cash cow if they milk this model well and don't lose too many customers.  It also puts the lid on piracy.  However, I am not sure it's an entirely good idea; it's certainly not a good idea for people like me who do not run a studio and earn enough to pay $50 a month for the luxury of using their products...but people with lower incomes are apparently not their target audience, so perhaps they have figured this into their profit calculations anyway.

Here is my dilemma, though:  Clearly Adobe knows it is about to alienate a very large chunk of its customer base, so it is offereing a temporary sale on a one year contract for one product for $10 a month.  After that it goes back up to regular price (I think for one product it's $20 month).  At  $10 a month, that's close to the price of a regular upgrade (of course it's without a permanent hard copy to use down the road if you decide to not keep up with the service)....So, I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for the 1 year $10 a month service (since the new version of PS has some things that I think I could really use), or just say to heck with them and keep using CS6 (and CS5) which I actually OWN.

I would like the new PS capabilities....but I can't bring myself to support this business model.  What are you going to do, and what do you think is going to happen in the long run?  (Personally, I think that other software companies are going to see this as a MAJOR opportunity, and if any of them can get their act together, they may end up with a very viable alternative to PS....and if Adobe is smart, they will get off their high horse and realize that a business model that targets the 1% is bound to lose in the long run....)

What are you planning to do (if you use any Adobe products other than LR, that is).


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