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Re: there are no remapped sectors with them.

kelpdiver wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

So are there millions of hits on this too, or are you the only one articulating this view?

I haven't researched it yet.  I'm just passing on my findings with multiple drives.

My guess is that most users don't bother to try and fix them by doing things like zero filling them and making sure bad sectors are mapped out in EEPROM by the firmware; and instead, just let the OS they're using mark them as bad at the file system level instead.

there were a million hits on the load cycle issue.  Even more on the 4k alignment problems.  And plenty of linux guys with expertise in storage using these kinds of drives.  If your hypothesis were correct or even partially so, these guys would be all over it.  And Synology would be as well, since their reputation suffers when bad drives lead to a RAID failure.

I just hate for other users to have to go through the same issues I've had.  So, I'm passing on my findings in threads like this one when I see someone considering using WD Green Drives.

which forces others like me to counter this, and point out the lack of data you're working with to make this sweeping claim.

Sure, that may not be a huge sampling.  But, when I see those types of issues with multiple drives, I'm not going to continue buying them.

Look... the last one I worked with didn't sow any sectors pending reallocation either, even though it had also problems (as already pointed out, bad sectors detected by both Windows and Linux utilities trying to copy the drive).  A SMART initiated self test also shows read failures.  The SMART data did show a high raw error read count, too.  It just didn't move any sectors to pending reallocation, or try to map them to spares when zero filling them (even when using WD's own tools for that purpose).

So, something (unwanted) is going on with their firmware.

Now, I do have a drive sitting on the shelf that started giving me issues that does show sectors pending reallocation.  So, it may remap those to spares if I zero fill it (since at least it's showing sectors pending reallocation).    I didn't even bother to try and "fix" it with a zero fill, given my experience with the others, as I wouldn't trust using it again.  Instead, I just left it alone as an extra backup.

if I get some time later, I'll zero fill it and see how it behaves.  But, when WD drives don't even move bad sectors to a pending reallocation status (as I've seen in the past with them, including the last one I helped someone with, even after multiple reads trying to copy those sectors at a block with sector read errors), that's a very bad thing from my perspective.

Again, suit yourself.  But, I'm not going to trust using them anymore, and will just buy a different type of drive instead, and leave the WD Green models on my avoid list.

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