Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

Like you my first dslr was a 10d and the xe1 focuses much faster than that thing ever did. I'll never get rid of my 5d2 but a general statement that you need a dslr to shoot kids and pets is false.

I haven't shot paid work in years and I'd rather always have a camera with me than one I'd rather leave in the car because I don't feel like dragging a bag with several heavy lenses.

A few weeks ago I bought a d7100 with a 16-85 because I wanted to see if a lighter dslr rig would work for me. After a full weekend of dragging it around I realized why I was happy with a mirrorless. I'd rather enjoy outings with my kid than fiddling with settings and spending a huge amount of time behind the vf.

I'm a full manual shooter and having shutter and aperture available at my finger tips is important for me as it allows me to get the shot and move on.

As you said it's a tool, I'm happy with mine.

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