Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

Started May 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
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ljfinger wrote:

LR's prices went down dramatically with LR4 ($300 -> $150, $99->$79).

Which encourages more people to buy and consequently lock more users into LR workflow, edits, catalogs, etc.

So users will have, uhhhh, strong incentive to pay for the subscription model to LR when it happens.

Vendors like Adobe *never* do anything significant that is not to their advantage. They are not a charity. They exist to take your money. Period. And they have incentive and means to take ever more of it.

Unless we switch to other tools, proprietary or open source.

Adobe has the legal right to license their IP any way they want; we have a choice to accept their terms or not. Complain, too, but that's not a guarantee of acceptable solution.

Plan according to your own priorities and budgets.

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