Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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Re: Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

Based on your opinion Leica should close up shop and cease selling cameras right now, no questions asked. After all they don't offer high speed long zoom lenses (let alone anything longer than 135mm), through the lens viewing or autofocus of any type.  They are King of the Dinosaurs.

Any idiot can pick up a modern camera, push a button and create a snapshot.  Photography as an art form is about the person behind the gadget and their ability, not the bells and whistles in the gadget.

Every one is entitled to their opinion.  I read all I want and take from them what I consider useful information.  I respectfully have decided, in my opinion, that your personal linking of your blog post to a forum post created by yourself is nothing more than trolling for site hits in the lowest way possible. In that case I deem you a lower level of blogger than even Ken Rockwell. While you both appear to blog for nothing more than shock value he at least doesn't post on forums linking his own blog with headers like the New York Post would use.

Enjoy your SLR's and don't forget, "P" mode stands for Professional.

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