superzoom or m4/3 zoom in addition to E-M5

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Re: superzoom or m4/3 zoom in addition to E-M5

Bob Tullis wrote:

What about a Lumix 45-200 and a Panasonic G model body w/EVF?   Gives you the extra body so you can have full ownership of the EM5, and you have a zoom at a reasonable cost to boot.

If you were the more discerning type, a 2nd EM5 and a 100-300 or 75-300 would be the advice, but that's quite a different budget.

A second body with one of the less expensive zooms, like the 45-150 or 45-175mm makes sense, too.

My GF really likes my GX1 (my GH2 is intimidating), so popping the 20mm or 14mm on it gives her a nice compact little kit and much better IQ than her iPhone 5. She loves the 7-14mm and… the touch shutter! (go figure, eh )

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