D3100: sharpening in Light Room

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Re: D3100: sharpening in Light Room

mobi1 wrote:

Sometimes I photos look soft. However, using Light Room, I find that same images can been sharpened quite dramatically.

Sharpening can be magical - but there are always limits. If you shot is blurred, then software hasn't quite solved that one yet. Also, some subjects can take a lot more sharpening than others.

How does LR do it? Does it actually alter the image or using special algorithm? I increased in-camera sharpness settings a bit but still I find that LR can make it more sharp compared to photos coming straight out of camera.

LR will be looking for edges, then it will increase the contrast at the edge to give a sharper looking image. If the edge is between two flat areas of colour, you will be able to get up close and personal and see that the lighter colour will have been made lighter towards the edge and the dark area made darker. If this is pushed too far, it starts to look ugly.

Selective sharpening has its uses, but as with most enhancements, if overdone things start to look unnatural.

Much depends on the output size of the final image - the larger you make it, the softer an image appears, but the more you will notice over-sharpening.

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