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Re: I need help

Jack D. wrote:

Thanks for your help, guys.

Asoftwind: I like what you have done with highlights (this is, what I was looking for) but I don't like an idea of making it soooo colorish.

If I could keep original color together with your blown highlights fixed job - just like benross done it - it would be just great.

But how have you done it? Cloning?

Highlights were fixed with a mix of Darken, Luminosity, and Color blend modes. And other tools too. For instance, in the case of his hair I used a hair brush and painted using an adjacent color. I worked section by section. Took a lot of time. I used Elements. If you would like the colors less saturated all you have to do is reduce saturation in Hue/Saturation. Try the following settings:

Reds: Sat -5, Lum -18. Yellows: Sat -50, Lum +2.

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