Drop $350 on a 45mm prime when you've already got the 14-42mm kit lens?

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Re: Drop $350 on a 45mm prime when you've already got the 14-42mm kit lens?

s_grins wrote:

Peng Bian wrote:

Usually with zoom lenses you're mostly using two focal lengths anyways, and using a prime is honestly much more fun than using a zoom. Being restricted makes you move and think about your composition. 45 is my preferred walk around lens (75 is better for discreet street photography but it's rather heavy, and I don't always feel like carrying the weight), you should definitely get this lens.

I imagine you taking street shots. While you're changing lens, your shot is gone...so you have to be confined for the lens attached to the camera. For street photography zoom is good

Prime lens is not fun, it is a deliberation, and 1.8/45 can deliver more than street photography.

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I don't imagine you are arguing that zooms are better suited for street photography than primes. Countless pages of web material say otherwise, as well as most street photographers I know. This for example:


If you're talking about candid moments, those are there are gone in a split second, you don't even have time to zoom much less anything else. If you know your frame lines, you can compose fast enough and get a shot. A lot of street photography is more about waiting, having a composed background and waiting for the subject. I digress. I imagine your idea of street photography is much different from mine, as well as your idea of fun.

I never said 45 cannot do more than street photography.

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