6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: 6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

I've had my 7D for nearly 3 years now and I agree that the noise can be quite prominent, even on base ISO (especially if you look at a blue sky), when you pixel-peep.

That doesn't matter at all.

In reality, up until ISO 3200, the noise is quite uniform and resambles film grain, which has some obvious benefits. You can shoot in ISO 3200 and still do A4 prints without any significant quality loss.

I mainly do weddings and up until now, I shot using the 7D and 5Dmk1. With the 5D, my maximum ISO was 800, where I could keep a relatively clean image. With the 7D it was 1600 or even 3200 (with proper exposure and little cropping). BTW, I always try to produce realtively noise-free end-user images.

5D had very ugly digital noise at higher ISOs and not a lot of resolution. It rocked with ISO 400 and below (it's FF after all) but that's about it.

I sold the good ol' 5D and upgraded to 5Dmk3. I use a very similar workflow for it as well as for the 7D, as the sensors seem to be similar in terms of noise patterns.


One thing people on DPrev often forget is that photography is not about pixel peeping. Sure as hell customers / target audience will not inspect your RAW files for digital noise. What matters is the overall image quality and, with that in mind, the 7D is a very capable camera.

Another thing people forget (or not realize) is that the amount of noise is not as important (to a degree) as the QUALITY of noise. Even noisy images will be quite acceptable as long as the noise is even and looks like grain.

Practice good exposure, fill your frame right, develop the right workflow, and I promise that you will laugh every time somebody starts moaning about noise or banding.

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