whats the future of bridge cameras

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Re: whats the future of bridge cameras

Rachotilko wrote:

I have that combo (and several others) and can vouch for it being a lot of camera and more fun than the X-S1. But 600mm EFL is more than double and that is useful. Of course, I would then just grab the 100-300, which I did
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No Kim, it's not double. EFL is useless metric IMHO (good for marketing only), it's FL that counts. FL of X-S1 is 160mm, so it's not double from max FL of 14-140.

From my experience, you need at least an APSC sensor and 250mm lens to match the output of a 6xx mm EFL from pinhead cams. Sensor cropping is better than post image cropping.

Realistically, X-S1 is not 12MP cam, you can hope for max 6MP (4MP from inhead HS50) of quality imager from it.

How deep can you crop G5 sensor ?

Do you live in the same cave with Paul Till? X-S1 is a 12MP cam.

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