Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

As amateur only, I derive no income from my photography.

I bought CS5 3 years ago, have just upgraded to CS6 (one time upgrade payment). I have used LR since LR2 and am now using LR4.4

I do not need upgrade CS again now. It does all I need. I do not plan a camera update in the near future.

I cannot accept to embark on paying a monthly variable cost (for potentially many many years) for a piece of software that is non-essential to my well-being. The other services that I do pay monthly on are essential (gas, electricity, water, telecoms (inc internet)). I think Adobe's SaaS model is not appropriate for consumers. The ongoing pricing is outside of my control and competition is limited; that is not a model for any activity for hobbyist consumers. The PP industry is unregulated; many other consumer subscription model markets are regulated and competition is required.

Lock-in subscription model around proprietary technology with weak or no competition is often a regulatory red-flag, so I hope some authoritative bodies see this now for what it could become. In my simple analysis this could affect mass consumers also indirectly if pricing is not regulated. Adobe could at a point in the future hold the entire Advertising, Marketing, Media, and Publication industries effectively to ransom by increasing their contract subscription prices at such a rate as to cause knock-on product price increases; as agency if you don't agree that new subscription price - that's it - you stop work after max. 180-days because of the phone-home lock-in and the fact that your files are to all intents and purposes in proprietary non-portable Adobe format.

LR and Elements are still available as perpetual licence and that is good, but for me Adobe's credibility as a company for consumers has also been destroyed by this CC step.

I will continue to use CS6, but I have to start looking at LR very differently now. My own switching costs in LR are much much higher because of the non-destructive editing (the parametric edits in an Adobe proprietary format I have for >100k images). Adobe knows this (and yes I also know I can bake the adjustments in and move on). Question is whether Adobe would dare make LR a subscription-only model. Under their current management and approach I fear they will. Maybe they will play that fear in LR5 by offering it as a perpetual licence (thanks!) - but can I trust them anymore to what they may do with LR6 and onwards?

Hence, my conclusion now is stand back from them; they are on a divergent path to my way of buying and using non-essential things.

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