Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: As a user of Photoshop since #1 (and every version since) . . . 20+ years ago

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am betting they did this to control pirating. I would also bet this "solution" will be broken soon enough by some whiz kid - or gang of whiz kids.

Bingo....all my software is legit, but I KNOW there are pirated versions out there.  Just google free software..whatever name and the 'cracked' versions with keygen etc come up.

Problem is, many of the keygen's have viruses and there is the moral issue.

The thing is, with the way legal issues are going, more and more users who are operating businesses or as serious users who MAY have considered pirated versions (if they did) are going to pay for licences, breaches of copyright are becoming hot cakes and people are going to find out , whether it be music, movies or software.

It is better and more people will realize this, to pay a few hundred (or music a few cents per song) for software than wind up paying legal fees for defence.

There are many large corporations behind such royalties and anyone thinking that pirating is going to last, well my OPINION is that a lot of people are going to learn the hard way.

All that said to say, this is unnecessary on Adobe's part.

Just my opinion.

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