RX200...too good to be true?

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Re: My only complains about the rx100 wer

notime wrote:
Also, Sony is not really known for making fast zoom lenses (ie Sony only has a 300mm f/2.8 but Canon has a 400mm f/2.8. And then on the NEX side, there are no fast zoom lenses, unlike Oly and Panasonic m4/3..

they did have several bright 'Zeiss' zoom lenses in larger sensor compacts in the past, e.g.

DSC-F717 (2/3 inch sensor): f/2.0-2.4, 38-190mm

DSC-F828 (2/3 inch sensor): f/2.0-2.8, 28-200mm

DSC-R1 (APS-C sensor): f/2.8-4.8, 24-120mm

Those were all 'premium' cameras for enthusiast users, with relatively big and very high quality lenses. Sony has replaced this type of camera with DSLRs and NEX. Their current premium compacts are very different cameras indeed ...

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