Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: If you choose NOT to subscribe to the cloud version....

TimR32225 wrote:

For folks who purchased CS6, the $19.99 per month pricing to keep using the software, is ridiculous.  We already paid for a PERPETUAL license so we should not be forced to pay again.  It seems to me that although Adobe doesn't have to continue to support CS6, I don't think they can legally force CS6 purchasers to pay again to continue the have the functionality that we have already paid for.

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Is this true about CS6?! If so, that is unbelievable and has to be illegal. When does this start? I paid for the program outright and if I am going to be forced to pay an additional $20 a month to use it I will have to look into legal action. I'm afraid of even going to their site and logging in because it might start charging me something extra. This whole thing is utterly ridiculous and I am definitely not buying anymore Adobe products again. Fortunately I won't be upgrading my cameras for a long time but I will be cursing Adobe every time I use there products. I am tempted to wipe them from my computers except for the fact that I paid so much money and  I still want to get my money's worth out of them. Just unbelievable.


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