Adobe Goes All-In on Subscription Pricing Model.

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Re: Adobe Subs Model...moving with times but probably not clever

Prstl2 wrote:

Just read these, thought the forum might find them interesting, I know I did.



Adobe probably sees this as a better way of locking in customers and ensuring constant funds flow (as some don't upgrade but just use prior versions until they no longer support the current camera, then upgrade).

But the thing is, how many will really decide to be tied in. Professionals who need Photoshop and a few die hards?

I am surprised, I got PS6 on a special last year, amazing price, thought that was their new strategy, which would have been worth it, lower pricing to much more volume.

But, I am happy with PS6 and have absolutely no need to upgrade. It will support my D300 and any I upgrade to for the next few years, so no problem there. Even then, surely one can input camera profiles oneself if they don't update for new releases? No?

So, it wont matter to me, I certainly wont pay for the subs model.

And if crunch came to it, there are other programs, who will probably adapt to accept plugins like Google Nik's etc, even if not..

Even as an amateur, I am already being aggressively targeted for products by another company, I am sure many of you also are.

And the pricing is good, actually they were hammering me with dioscount offers, which I saw no need for (guy calling me seemed rather frustrated, seemed nice guy, but I really did not see the need to spend money on another

I think Adobe is making an error. Provide the cloud, but give alternat options.

This is like Nikon's reported parts lock down for repairs.


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